[Ubuntu]Mark Shuttleworth: "Unity in 2013 will be all about mobile – bringing Ubuntu to phones and tablets"[reprinted]

Reprint from http://www.iloveubuntu.net/mark-shuttleworth-unity-2013-will-be-all-about-mobile-%E2%80%93-bringing-ubuntu-phones-and-tablets

Across the latest months, the developers announced (and started to shape and incarnate directions/goals/infrastructure) an exciting path to be followed, path aimed at optimizing Ubuntu for numerous (relevant at a global scale) form factors, meaning, devices like smartphones and tablets are to receive a serious development effort (in order to align them with Ubuntu).

The mentioned development energy has been designed with landing Ubuntu on smartphones and tablets in mind (, etc), landing process that is to generate a high-quality no-compromise as-seen-and-daily-used-in-Ubuntu experience.

Presently, Ubuntu Nexus 7 Installer is already known and appreciated by users, clickable installer that hassle-free installs the Ubuntu desktop on a Nexus 7 tablet (8GB & 16GB & 32GB flavors supported).

Yet, it seems that, in order to generate a full-fledged experience for tablets and smartphones (running Ubuntu), various Ubuntu components must be optimized.

Mark Shuttleworth has just published a new interesting blog post, stating the to-be-followed road for Unity: "Unity in 2013 will be all about mobile – bringing Ubuntu to phones and tablets", strengthening the solid work on optimizing Ubuntu (and Unity) for mobile devices (along with the desktop).

Furthermore, the developers are focused on "broadening the Ubuntu community to include mobile developers who need new tools and frameworks to create mobile software", as well as "defining new form factors that enable new kinds of work and play altogether".

It is a fact, isn't it, that Unity has introduced a clear, clean, polished and innovative interface, allowing the user to benefit a complete powerful experience, yet, Unity's implementation has been subjected to user testing, community feedback, bold goals and ideas, etc, courageous development root/ground that is to be further pursued in the future, "we want to shape the future, which means exploring territory that is unfamiliar, uncertain and easy to criticise".

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