[Linux/Windows]How to visit Ext2/3 partition in Windows 7

When you are on Dual Boot system with Windows and Ubuntu (or any other Linux release like Fedora or Mint), it is possible to access Windows Partition folders (NTFS) on Linux but you cannot directly access Linux partition folders (EXT3 / EXT4) on Windows.
This happens because the file systems of both Operating systems are different and Windows doesn’t have native ability to read / write EXT4 File system directories. So, EXT2Read is an opensource software for Windows platform which now supports EXT4 file system too inspite of its name.
windows下访问EXT4分区 - 生如夏花之猪头郑 - 生如夏花之猪头郑
EXT2Read can access or Read EXT4 Partition Files and Folders but you cannot make changes to files,  Add or delete files, Rename, etc. Simply you don’t have “Write” previleges. Yes, the options though exists but it is grayed out in-case of EXT4. This is valid when accessing EXT2 or EXT3 partitions I guess.
So, conclusion is you can copy files from Ubuntu partition to Windows and then open. This can be done using “Save” option on right click.However, to make changes or gain “Write” access, you have to use Live CD booting.
Download Page:http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2read/
Download Link:http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2read/files/Ext2read%20Version%202.2%20%28Latest%29/ext2explore-2.2.71.zip/download


There is a new tool to read EXT$ partition files  . http://download.csdn.net/download/shihen88/2856957

作者: 沐杰