[Linux]How to install Xunlei in your Linux system

Xunlei.com released the Xwared firmware. All the linux users can run xunlei to download in Linux environment.

My environment is Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, and all the under operating steps is based on my environmen.
Step 1:
Install the essential softwares 
sudo apt-get install git build-essential devscripts
Step 2:
Download the sources code
git clone git://github.com/Xinkai/XwareDesktop.git
The you will find a directory named XwareDesktop in your home directory.
Step 3:
Change directory
cd XwareDesktop
Step 4:
List the software which depend on 
Then the depend on softwares will list under the comment line. So install them.
sudo apt-get install 
Step 5:
Build the install package.
When the process of building package, change the directory.
cd ..
The *.deb has already in there.
Step 6:
Install the *.deb which you just build.
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
Step 7:
Run the front. Of course you can find XwareDesktop in your dash now!
Step 8:
Mount the folder.
文件——设置——挂载,press 添加, change the directory to your download directory. Then press 确定.
Step 9:
Make the truseeship for xwared.
文件——设置——启动与登录——xwared托管, chose 用户态upstart托管。 Then press 确定。
When you boot your computer next time, the xwared will autorun itself.
Step 10:
Type in your username and password, then you will see a dialog box soon. Press  确认 to active XwareDesktop.
Enjoy it!

作者: 沐杰