[Linux]How to build a Chinese environment of Linux TTY

In tty the default setting can't display many folders and files named by Chinese. So we need to build a Chinese environment in TTY. In this article I provide a way fo using fbterm.

Step 1: Install fbterm

sudo apt-get install fbterm
Step 2:Install IM
Download yong from here.
Decompress it
7z x yong-lin-1.7.0-1.7z 

Move the directory to /usr/local and install
mv yong /usr/local
cd /usr/local/yong
sudo ./yong-tool.sh --install
Step 3:Update the lib configure
Run yong in termial if you meet the error "error while loading shared libraries", then edit /etc/ld.so.conf
gedit /etc/ld.so.conf
add this line in the end 

update the libconfig
sudo /sbin/ldconfig –v

Step 4:Configure fbterm and yong
gedit .yong/yong.ini
change the IM default setting as

sudo gedit .fbtermrc

change the input-method

Setp 5:Test it

Enjoy it~!

作者: 沐杰